Wet bags - Mini's | Midi's | Large | X-Large

Made of PUL - 100% waterproof. Gorgeous design prints exclusive to Yoho and available in 4 very convenient sizes. These wet bags have a million uses and are perfect for storing breast pads, snacks, wipes, cloth nappies, swim nappies - the choice is endless! They have a handle which attaches the wet bag to your bag or pram.

Wet Bags for Nappies and Much More!

If you travel outside your house with your toddler, you may need to change their diaper while you are out. If your child wears disposable nappies, discarding the old is easy: throw the nappy in the nearest trash can. However, cloth nappies are a longer-term, reusable investment. Instead of throwing them away, bring them home with you so they can be washed and used again. If you aren’t prepared, that may be easier said than done. Try using a wet bag to make life with a toddler more convenient.

What Is A Wet Bag?

Instead of inserting damp cloth nappies directly into your bag or pram, place them inside a wet bag. A wet bag in NZ is a storage space specifically designed to hold damp nappies. Storing used nappies inside a wet bag will help to contain smells and leaks. Simply zip the top. Some wet bags are small and can only hold about three damp nappies, while larger wet bags may be able to contain as many as 15.

A daycare wet bag is a crucial investment if your child attends daycare. Provide the daycare providers with a bag containing all the cloth nappies your child will need for the day, and be thoughtful by leaving your daycare wet bag to help with cleanup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Differences Between a Wet Bag and a Dry bag?

Wet bags and dry bags are both designed to be waterproof. However, wet bags keep liquid inside to prevent a mess, while dry bags keep books or gear safe and in excellent condition. Choose a wet bag to store your damp swimsuits in, and choose a dry bag to protect your phone, car keys, and clean clothes in a protected spot.

Do Wet Bags Smell?

A quality wet bag will trap smells, but if you choose a cheaper one, it may not hold up for longer than a few uses. Buy from trusted sellers to ensure you receive a wet bag that will last you for months or even years.

You can prevent smells by storing your wet bag in a cool area. Better yet, make sure the area is well-ventilated. This will allow air to flow around your bag and prevent smells from sticking.

What Else Can I Do With a Wet Bag?

Wet bags trap moisture inside. Use a clean wet bag to store damp swimsuits, toiletries, or makeup. You can use wet bags in your home to store dirty kitchen rags until you can wash them, which is a better option than leaving them to pile up on your laundry room floor. You can also use a wet bag to store necessary items if your time of the month catches you off guard in a place without easy trash can access. The tightly zipped bag will keep anything inside from falling out until you return home to empty it.

Don’t forget to wash your wet bags regularly. Wet bags can create a dark, damp environment that prompts mildew and mould growth.

Yoho & Co is a local company that believes in the importance of sustainable living. That’s why we offer high-quality reusable cloth nappies and wet bags to NZ mummies. Give cloth nappies a try! Getting started is easy, and if you switch to disposable, you can still find other uses for your wet bag and enjoy it for years to come.