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I Give A Cr@p!

 Why I give a cr@p. 
When I first became pregnant, I already knew I wanted to use cloth nappies. I had friends using them but mainly hated how bad disposables are for the environment. Fun fact, every disposable ever used is still in the early stages of degrading... its estimated to take around 500 years!!
When I had Mr. B, weighing 6'9, I knew it was going to be a few weeks until his legs were big enough to use the stash I had. What I didn't know was just how many disposables I would be contributing to the 450 BILLON disposables used world wide every year, in just a short period of time.
This was how Yoho & Co. was born! Bringing to you fresh, vibrant and earth happy cloth nappies at an affordable price!
Our packaging will never contain any plastic. We use No Issue Tissue, printed with soy based ink, to wrap your goodies and compostable R3 courier bags.We are apart of the No Issue Eco Packaging Alliance. Which means for every order I make, they plant trees in an area in need! How awesome! 

Finding your 'Why'

People use cloth for many different reasons. Financial, environmental, health benefits etc. but If you are using just one per day, you are saving 365 disposables a year from going into land fill! And that is an awesome achievement. It's not all or nothing, it's do your best! Take it one nappy at a time! 

Cloth nappies are an investment to get started. Is it worth it? Absolutely! The more people moving to reusable cloth nappies the less disposables going into our landfill. You also save money in the long run, they can be used baby after baby if you take good care of them! One child uses around $4000 worth of disposables, so imagine how much you can save if you went full time cloth! 

They are also gentle on the bum! Suede cloth lines the PUL (waterproof material/shell) to wick away the moisture and avoid your babe getting a sore red bum! Microfibre or Bamboo inserts absorb and hold the liquid away from their skin. It really is a match made in nappy heaven!

Doing the Math

Not only is it good for their toosh but their future environment too! Every year around 29,000 babies are born in New Zealand alone.

We can't just sit back and keep disposing 10 nappies a day x 365 days = 3650 nappies per baby! 3650 x 29,000 Equating to 105 Million nappies on average being used in NZ every year! 

What adds to this is that by the time the disposables degrade, my son would be a great, great, great granddad! YEAP! That is around 500 years to degrade!!

 Those numbers are just INSANE! Check out the break down of the cost savings of cloth nappies from Waste Free with Kate.

*Figures from Statistics NZ as of Sept 2019.