Change Mat | Pink Daisies Designer Drop 2022


Our famous travel change mats are perfect for on the go! Featuring and outer PUL layer that is water resistant & wipeable, an inner layer of microfibre and then outer layer of soft bamboo for baby to lie on. 

  • Water resistant PUL print
  • Microfibre inner to soak up any liquid
  • Soft bamboo terry outer
  • Fold and snap away handle
  • 50cm X 70cm - Large
  • Machine washable up to 60 degrees
  • Light weight & compact to go anywhere!
  • hand painted by the late Chloe Mytton @chloemytton_watercolour

”Hey I just wanted to quickly say that your travel change mat is most definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made for EJ! We’ve been out of our house now since mid April when she was not even 2 months old. The poor girl has had her nappy changed in so many different places including in the boot of the car while we were driving from the North to the South Island. However no matter where we were it was simply a breeze to whip out our change mat from Yoho for a nappy change. It’s soft enough for her, whilst still being water resistant and when we do have a wee accident, we just pop it in the washing machine and it comes out good as new! They’re a great product! Thank you!” - NB, Customer of Yoho