Bamboo Nappy Liners - 100% biodegradable


Make nappy changes even easier with our 100% Bamboo Nappy Liners

100% Biodegradable, Anti-bacterial Compostable Roll. Each liner measures 30x18cm and there are 100 liners to a roll

How to use Yoho Bamboo Nappy Liners:

Lay the liner inside the nappy (sitting closest to your baby's skin). The wee-wees pass through the liner into the nappy, the poops remain on the liner for easy removal. Remove and dispose when changing nappy

Can they be flushed?? - good question... there is so much talk these days in the media about what can and cannot be flushed. Unfortunately, there is a lack of formal guidance by regulators on what is deemed "flushable" so even though these liners are 100% biodegradable we do not recommend flushing down the toilet