From newborns to toddlers -

children go through around 6,000 nappies in their lifetime.

Save money and the environment with our eco-friendly reusable nappies!


Save with Bundles

Buying in bulk can get you started on your reusable journey or ensure you’ve always got enough nappies at hand to keep you covered, whether you choose to use cloth full-time, or just when it works for you.

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Buy All 4 From Our New Collection & Get a 5th Classic Nappy FREE! Simply Add 5 to Your Cart.

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LUXE nappies - Little bums deserve a little luxury

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Lexi Simmonds owner of Yoho & Co

About Us

Hi! I'm Lexi the new owner, along with my kids Ava and AJ. We're so excited to continue what you love so much about Yoho & Co, and also take it to the next level!

About Us
The best reusable cloth nappies nz

How to use Cloth Nappies

If you are new to cloth nappies you can start here. There are LOADS of supportive Facebook groups and Cloth Nappy Mums on Instagram too!

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BabyDink the Original NO-Wrap Baby Carrier! | Rose - Yoho Baby & co.

No-wrap Easy Baby Carrier

BabyDink is the The Original No-Wrap Baby Carrier!

Simply put it on like a Top For the Same Fit Every Time. Designed to grow with you and your Baby It’s so EASY!