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The Basics Bundle

The Basics Bundle

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Our basics bundle offers a collection of key pieces for using cloth when it's convenient

Making the switch to reusables is surprisingly easy, and with our modern designs, it's easier than ever to change, wash, dry, and reuse.

Dive into 'How to Use Reusables' for videos, detailed guides, practical tips, and supportive advice on beginning with cloth nappies. Whether you're a first-timer or looking to increase your stash, I'm here to support you. It's easier than you think!

From Spending $3,656 on Disposables to Just $780 on Reusables: The Choice Seems Obvious.

($780 estimates around 20 - 25 nappies + inserts for full-time use + detergent cost over the time your child is in nappies).

Bundle Includes:

  • 5 Classic Nappies: One Size Fits Most: 3kg-17kg. Just snap to the right size to fit. Lasts from around 6 weeks to toilet training. Select from our range of gorgeous designs to match your style.
  • 5 Bamboo Terry Inserts: For superior absorbency and softness, gentle on baby's skin. These go inside the nappy pocket.
  • 1 Large Wet Bag: Perfect for storing used nappies on the go, keeping everything hygienic and odor-free. Has two pockets so you can keep dry and wet items.
  • 1 Explorer Nappy Pod: Conveniently carry your nappies and essentials for quick changes anywhere.
  • 1 Roll of 100 Bamboo Liners: Make clean-ups a breeze with our biodegradable liners.
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