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How to Fold a Cloth Nappy For Girls and Boys?

Are you interested in learning new ways to fold cloth nappies for your little ones? If you are a new parent with no idea where to start with cloth nappies, having a couple of methods up your sleeve could help you out. 

There are a few different methods to effectively wrap up your baby to ensure optimal leak protection and comfort. Some are more suited to fit a girl versus a boy, and each type can be adjusted for optimal absorbency. We will go over how to fold a cloth nappy in all the top ways, plus the pros and cons of each style to make sure you find the right choice for you and your baby. 


Jelly Roll Fold

If you’re looking for how to fold a cloth nappy for a newborn, then this is a great fold to start with. The jelly roll fold is pretty simple to do in a hurry and is suitable for all babies, but particularly newborns, as this fold will prevent any liquid leakage. To start, lay the nappy flat and then roll each edge toward the front. Fold the front of the nappy toward your baby, secure the back flaps to the front, and snap them into place.


Pad Fold

This is the most basic fold on this list and can be used to accommodate boys especially. With this fold, you will need a cover or another nappy, as it is supposed to be an insert. Take a square nappy, fold it into thirds and place it into a cover as an effective insert. For boys, fold again at the front for a bit more coverage. 


Newspaper Fold

For those wondering how to fold a cloth nappy for a boy, the newspaper fold is another great option. This fold is suited for boys as it offers a bit more protection near the front of the nappy, but it can also be effective for girls. Start with the nappy laying flat, then fold the front part up about a quarter of the way. Then fold in the long sides inward, forming wings at the back. Pull up the front section toward your baby and then fasten the wings.


Aeroplane Fold

The aeroplane fold is great for those looking for how to fold a cloth nappy for a girl, as it provides necessary coverage and softness. This fold is a bit more complicated than others on the list, but it isn’t hard to learn. The end result has a thick and folded middle section for extra coverage down the middle length of the nappy.

Learning how to fold a cloth nappy doesn’t have to be complicated. Boys, girls, and newborns will have slightly different needs, so it’s important to pick the folds that will result in clean babies and fewer messes.

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