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A Parent's Guide to Using Your Modern Cloth Nappies

So you’re ready to try modern cloth nappies! While at first, it may seem intimidating to wash nappies and nappy inserts, we assure you that now you can get the help of our team of experts at Yoho & Co. We’re a team of mums and dads just like you, and guess what? We love how modern cloth nappies are for both mum and baby!

Don’t let any trepidation about how to wash modern cloth nappies or how to use modern cloth nappies deter you from using something so healthy and safe for your baby. We’ve created a short guide to help you navigate your new cloth nappies.


Choose the Right Size 

Do you know how it feels when your pants are a little too tight? Well, a nappy that’s too tight feels pretty awful for your baby, too. Choosing the right size for your baby is your first step in finding the best nappy. At Yoho & Co, our nappies are One Size Fits Most and come with a modern cloth nappy insert. For mums who better understand numbers, One Size Fits Most fits babies sizes 4 to 17 kg.


Pick a Fun Pattern

Modern cloth nappies can be a stylish part of your baby’s outfits. Choosing a fun pattern, print, or color is the fun part of using the best modern cloth nappies. At Yoho & Co we have classic patterns, prints, and colors that have been hand painted or hand drawn by a mum just like you! For example, choose from delicate flower patterns to designs that make you wish you were in Palm Beach or the frozen mountains.

Hot Tip: When you shop Yoho & Co today and buy 4 nappies, you can receive a 5th nappy FREE. Each nappy comes with a modern cloth nappy insert. 

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Wash Your Nappies Effortlessly and Efficiently 

Washing modern cloth nappies can be where some mums choose to stick to their familiar disposable nappies. We can understand that learning how to wash a nappy can be intimidating at first, but once you know what you’re doing, it’s pretty simple. Just follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Remove all physical debris into the toilet or lined waste bin
  2. Soak your nappy in warm water to help lift and remove stains (do this every 1-3 days)
  3. Wring nappy out and lay flat to dry
  4. Wash your nappy in warm water on a 2+ hour long cycle with baby-safe detergent (do this every 2-3 days)
  5. Wring out and tumble dry on low 

Pre-washing your nappies is going to help keep them stain-free and smell-free. Remember, once a nappy has been soiled, you need to wash it thoroughly. Do not reuse the nappy until you have cleaned and dried it properly. A modern cloth nappy insert can help extend the wear time but ultimately we want your baby to be happy and a happy baby is a dry baby. 


Shop Yoho & Co. for All Your Nappy Needs

Whether you’re shopping for a baby or for a mum, Yoho & Co has everything you need. Shop modern cloth nappies, nappy inserts, baby shower gifts, stuff for mum, and so much more. This is where babies of the future get the nappies that fit them best!

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