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Clean Cloth Nappies: 5-Step Routine to Wash Cloth Nappies

There’s no better feeling than a fresh pile of clean cloth nappies. However, for parents who may be unfamiliar with cloth nappies or how to clean reusable nappies, achieving this goal may seem pretty intimidating. At Yoho & Co. we’ve got a simple, easy 5-step routine to help make washing cloth nappies for the first time a breeze. 

Whether you’re a cloth nappy pro or jumping into the cloth nappy game for the first time, this 5-step routine to washing cloth nappies is for everyone!


Step 1: Remove Physical Debris 

Babies are notorious for making, shall we say, impressive messes. Any cloth nappy wash routine needs to begin with removing any physical debris. Scrape off as much of the physical debris into your nappy genie or trash can. For liquid messes, you do not need to scrape anything into a bin. Simply soak your dirty nappy in a nappy bin filled with warm water. Spin out or wring out your wet nappy as much as possible to avoid ammonia formation.


Step 2: Choose a Baby-Safe Detergent 

Traditional adult detergents can sometimes contain fragrances, dyes, or chemicals that irritate baby skin. Look for dye and fragrance-free detergents to ensure you can get clean cloth nappies without hurting your baby. Some detergents are designed specifically for babies while others are great for sensitive skin if you would like to use a detergent that is safe for all of your family members.


Step 3: Pre-Wash Daily 

Before washing your nappies, pre-wash them daily on a pre-wash cycle of 40-60 degrees with detergent every 1-2 days. This will help you remove deep-set stains and prepare the nappies for your regular wash cycle. Be sure to wring your nappies out of excess water or tumble dry on your lowest setting. When you’re ready to wash your nappies in the main wash, any remaining stains should easily lift out. 

Step 4: Wash 

You’re just 2 steps away from clean cloth nappies! Learning how to wash cloth nappies for the first time may seem overwhelming up until this point, but we know you can handle it! Now that you’ve pre-washed and soaked your nappies (and let them dry out), it’s time to stick them in the washing machine. Clean reusable nappies every 2-3 days on your main wash. It’s best to wash them with other nappies. Wash in 40° to 60° water on a 2+ hour cycle and include a heavy dose of detergent. 


Step 5: Dry

Wring out any excess water from the nappies that just finished in the wash cycle. Most washers will already get most of the excess water out. However, as we mentioned earlier, to avoid ammonia formation, it’s essential that you eliminate any more water you notice. Nappies should usually be laid flat to dry or line-dried. They can be placed in the dryer on the lowest tumble dry setting. 


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