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Choosing The Best Reusable Nappies: 2022 Guide For Parents

So you’ve got a beautiful, healthy baby on the way and now you’re trying to decide what the best nappy option is for you and your new baby. Perhaps you are a first-time mum and you aren’t sure if disposable or cloth nappies are right for you. Or maybe this is your second or third time around and you are looking to do a few things differently this time. Whatever your reasons may be, choosing the best reusable nappies is easy!

In fact, some of the best reusable cloth nappies in NZ are found right here at Yoho & Co. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not reusable nappies are for your family, let’s take a look at the differences between cloth and disposable nappies.


Cloth Nappies vs Disposable Nappies 

Disposable nappies may seem like a convenient option for your baby. However, disposable nappies have serious environmental consequences. The average child has about 6,000 nappy changes during their lifetime. Even using just one of the best reusable nappies one time a day can save up to 365 nappies going into the landfills every year! That’s an incredible amount of nappies you and your child could be keeping out of landfills every year. 

Starting with disposable nappies, you may find that their appeal is their seemingly effortless convenience. Additionally, disposable nappies are often thinner and offer a more precise fit that can help to keep your baby dryer for longer. Disposable nappies are made from super absorbent materials and can be great for babies with ultra sensitive skin. However, these disposable nappies are usually constructed from harmful chemicals and can even trigger allergic reactions. Finally, stop filling your home trash with stinky, disposable nappies.  

Up next, cloth nappies are baby-safe, and do not contain harmful chemicals, materials, or dyes. While some people may claim that cloth nappies are more prone to leaks and blowouts, additional absorbent inserts are available to use in conjunction with the nappy. If you’re looking for the best cloth nappies in NZ, look for breathable materials, no harsh chemicals, and enjoy the convenience of never having to empty the nappy pail again! 


Cloth Nappy Benefits 

The best reusable nappies have some pretty incredible benefits that benefit both mum and baby. Starting with the materials, the best cloth nappies in NZ are made from natural, breathable and organic materials. Organic cotton is especially important. Chemicals like formaldehyde are often used in non-organic cotton material to keep wrinkles away.

Next, cloth nappy babies are often more likely to become potty trained earlier than disposable nappy babies. The best reusable nappies allow your baby to feel the wetness sooner, allowing them to notify you earlier. This encourages them to become fully potty trained. Frequent training can also reduce diaper rashes. Potty training can be a difficult time for both mum and baby so anything to help make the process easier is always a great option to consider.

Finally, cloth nappies save money, and time, and promote a less-waste lifestyle. Never have to wait on an Amazon delivery or stress about store hours again with the best cloth nappies in NZ. You’ll love how easy it is to clean cloth nappies and just how much better your baby’s skin looks and feels. Happy babies and happy mummies love cloth nappies. 

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Cloth Nappy Material Differences

At Yoho & Co, we have selected a variety of the best materials for cloth nappies in NZ. Each different material offers its own unique set of benefits like breathability, weight, and absorption. All materials are made with the health and safety of your baby in mind. Each nappy comes with a reusable bamboo cloth nappy insert so you can use the best reusable nappies for your special baby. 

Soft Bamboo Terry

Soft to the touch and extremely absorbent, soft bamboo terry nappy inserts are mum and baby approved! Sturdy enough to withstand multiple washes, soft bamboo terry is a favorite of all parents of different stages. Your baby will love how breathable and dry soft bamboo terry makes them feel and you’ll love how happy your baby seems in their new nappy. 

Bamboo Cotton

Bamboo cotton is made from bamboo fiber. It’s highly absorbent and wicks away moisture from the skin faster and better than other fibers. Bamboo cotton is naturally breathable and feels lightweight and silky. Bamboo is a sustainable fiber material that is great for the environment and your baby.

Hemp Cloth

Hemp is a sustainable textile made from the hemp plant. Hemp is used in making ropes, clothing, and other household items. Like bamboo, hemp cloth is highly breathable and has high water-wicking abilities. Hemp cloth does not hold heat so babies have an easier time regulating their body temperature throughout the day and night.  


Why Choose Yoho & Co Cloth Nappies at Yoho & Co 

Our team is made up of mums who set out on a mission to create the best reusable nappies in New Zealand. Our cloth nappies are made from breathable, moisture-wicking, and organic fibers. They rely on a One Size Fits Most system as well as four levels of snap rises for the perfect fit. Our cloth nappies are hand-painted by fellow mums just like you! The white suede lining helps to draw away wetness and the PUL tummy guard protects tummy sleepers. PUL wings and a pocket opening from the back make for easy stuffing.

Enjoy an improved choice of inserts you won’t find anywhere else like bamboo, bamboo cotton, or a hemp and cotton blend. Shop now online and save when you buy four cloth nappies you’ll get the fifth nappy free!

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